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It is crucial that you READ EVERY WORD VERY CAREFULLY. The age old Question Since the internet: Are you tired of not making any money online? Then please pay close attention to everything on this site. Seriously, Take The Time To Read Everything.

Hello, my name is Andrew.  My partner and I decided to promote all our programs (that we have been doing well with) and sites that we're testing, all in one place to share our information with like minded people.  We believe that by working together it can benefit all who decide to use this simple method. Many people already know about and are using these methods for themselves and are making money.  That is how I got this idea, from observing similar sites. Guess you could call me a copy cat.

Think of it as Paying it Forward.

Keep this in mind... there is no shortage of internet users, in fact there are a lot of people that are introduced to the internet every day and a large percentage are trying to make money. We can all benefit from this with some work. I'm not claiming you'll get rich over night, or get rich at all, in fact I don't believe in the get rich shcemes. No matter what you do will take time, work and patience. This method was intended to make extra cash but obviously the harder you work and the more time you put into it the more you'll make..


With any money making or affiliate site there are risks. For example, I was making pretty good money from Just Been Paid (JBP) Until the site changed owners and their name is now Ad Clix Express (ACX) I have over $1600 just sitting there, that I'm unable to do anything with. Good thing I didn't invest much. STAY AWAY!!

Only Three Fairly Easy Steps to This Method

First Step: Sign up to any or all programs under the affiliate links provided, I recommend starting out as a free member, get a taste for them, if you see potential, you can upgrade at anytime, if you wish to do so. By doing this you may discover new techniques and tactics as we did. Have you ever heard the term, the money is in the list? that is true, however in this concept the money is in the Affiliate. Refer People! Why do all the work, when you can have others help.

Working Together

Second Step: Build a site similar to this one. You can also add  existing programs if you have any, the more the better.  Also keep this in mind,  just because a site doesn't have fancy graphics doesn't mean it's not successful, or will be successful.  The ideas and concepts are what we're looking for. Sure it's nice to see or have nice graphics and such, however, don't always judge the book by it's cover.  Take some chances with our reccomendations as they are Free, but do not get caught up in the @#!@#$%@#%  

If you're unable to create your own site, there are a lot of Free website building programs/sites out there. Simply Google or Ask Jeeves or Bing it, what ever you prefer.

Third Step: Promote The Hell out of Your Site, offer Free gifts as we did if you want. However, I do not recommend using any paid to sign up services as some programs don't accept it. Also, you may want to (in some cases you may have to click on a certain amount) click on the ads and play some games, it actually can be addictive, to me it was like playing the slots, in some cases. Again the more you put in the more you'll receive.

From our research, we found that a lot of the marketers are asking people to join their list. Building a list is not a bad idea as you can make even more money, but that's a whole different story. Some even charge for similar information found here.  Have you ever seen, or heard of the scheme where somebody charges you a small fee to learn how to profit from the internet? Then, what you receive is a messages simply stating...  Do What I'm Doing. inˈjēnyəs.

To help succeed online, you need traffic, actually a LOT of traffic. There are a lot of Free methods to promote your site such as Traffic Exchanges, Ad Exchanges, Ad Boards, Classified Ads, Forums (that allow it), Solo Advertising, List Builders, Safe Lists, Blogs, Ad Blasters, Viral Mailers  etc.  The List goes on, it seems that there are more and more options for advertising on a daily bassis. Advertise on Facebook, Linkedin, MySpace etc. Just about any social networking site is a great way to get your program/site out there. In fact, Linkedin is a social site that specializes in advertising. Every day thousands of new people are joinning these sites.

Below I am passing on some material that I think you'll find very useful.   Free to use on this method/project or your own endeavors. 

List Building From Scratch from Tom Taylor, he also includes a lot of links to useful resource tools.

Internet Marketing  from Douglas Shrader.

Out of all the make money online programs, Affiliates can be said to be the best.  This is because, you get paid as you help others and vise versa.

Together, Everyone Can Achieve More!

Are you ready? Simply use the links below to get started.

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